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So God Created Human Beings, Making Them To Be Like Himself.
He Created Them Male And Female.
God Looked At Everything That He Had Made,
And He Was Very Pleased

Good News Bible - Today's English Version; Genesis 1: 27 and 31

So that we can have a better idea of what we are discussing, we need to become more aware of what our bodies look like and how they are built. So often it happens that people are not knowledgeable of their own bodies, and that causes them to not have a good working knowledge of their own personal sexual lives. And people may not be knowledgeable of their physical bodies or those of the opposite sex for any of several reasons. Those reasons alone can make up the subject of a whole book. Sometimes it may be due to a set of personal values with which they were raised, or it may be due to religious teachings to which they adhere. In my mind our body is a miraculous wonder and was given to us as a gift from God. I appreciate His work.

Because you are visiting this site to learn more about your own body, and to learn about the body of the opposite sex, let's take a look at what we look like. Notice that we all pretty much look alike, with some obvious differences. If you are wondering about the subjects in these images, the lack of tan lines and the relative comfort these people seem to express suggests that they are mostly nudists, are totally comfortable with their own bodies (as well as very accepting of the opposite sex), and would have no misgivings with sharing their appearance with us.




Nudity - There are some features that we can pick out on these images, that can help us as we learn more about our own bodies. Some of these images are taken in countries other than the United States of America. That means that they have different traditions and styles. Some of the folks have full patches of pubic hair, some have trimmed theirs somewhat, some trimmed them more, and some have completely removed it. Of course, we are all born to be the same (within reason) and were they to lose their razors, tweezers, wax or depilatory creams, they would all have a full compliment of pubic hair.

You cannot tell about the females in these images, but we can see that none of the males have a penile erection so there are no indications of sexual interest happening in these images. Among nudists, mere nudity is common, so the visual impact of a bare body does not automatically mean sexual activity. The nudist mantra is to emphasize to 'textiles' (as they refer to non-nudists) that nudity does not automatically mean sexual activity.

Breast and penis sizes seem to be ignored by nudists as well, and instead, the real person behind the body is what these folks are looking for. We are so often bombarded by media that makes us assume that women have to have large breasts that don't sag and men have to have large penises to be popular. These folks in these images all seem happy, regardless of their body image or others' body images.

When you view these images, you are affected in any of several ways. Possibly, the viewer has seen very few nude images (much less been around very many nude people), and he or she may feel somewhat embarrassed. Or maybe the viewer may be amazed that people look so similar to each other. The reason for including these images is to emphasize that we all are quite similar, however we also are very much our own independent selves. In these images, no two noses look the same. No two breasts look the same either (including the two on the same body). No two penises look the same. There are just no two people that are the same. We are all individuals. And we are all beautiful.

Another reason for placing a group of images on this page, rather than a single man and a single woman, is to show how many different kinds of perfect people there are. If you are concerned about the size of your penis, take a look again and you will likely see one that is similar in size or shape or appearance as yours. You are not unusual... you are similar. And perfect in your own way.

Some viewers may find these images to be sexually arousing. That would be normal if they are unaccustomed to seeing bare breasts and genitalia. But if family nudity was common in the home where they grew up, these images would likely not cause that emotional effect. And that can be our first lesson in Sex Education: The largest and most important sexual organ in the body is... The Brain. You would be physically sexually reactive to any of these people that spoke to you and acted with you in a way that would be sexually attractive to you. And then your body would likely show your sexual interest by a physical reaction such as penile or nipple erection, changes in your heart rate or breathing rate, pupil enlargement, or any of several other reactions. But for now, these images are merely instructional aids to help us to learn more about our own bodies. The intent of placing them here is not to stimulate sexual interest, but to inform you about the wonderful human body.

Viewing these images helps to acclimate you to nudity... at least enough that we can discuss with greater detail male and female genitals without emotions being involved.

Let me share with you parts of a letter from a young woman that was born in Paradise... or close to it. She reflects her thoughts about nudity and breastfeeding and body image. This letter was written in the year 2000, fifteen years before this website was created. I did no 'correction' of her wording or spelling, so that you can enjoy her words as they were given. She only learned the keyboard a year before she wrote, because she wanted to communicate with people on the computer.

I was born on the island of Hawaii about december 29 1971--at least that is the date my Father  and mother put on my birth certificate some time in 1972

Our home was really 2 homes--a plantation on the Big Island and a smaller island somewhere to the south of Hawaii I only remember called Mokupuni Iki--our Little Island--we farmed and we lived the way my grandfathers lived before us--at least as I remember from my childhood--when I was 9 or so our family farm was sold under the pressure of money on the adults--and where I stand under a tree one day I stand on gravel the next day and a parking lot the day after and soon I am standing in a hotel where my father is working and I am living indoors and going to ride a bus to school where I dont understand what is said and only a few understand what I say

I wanted to live on the Little Island and have my school like I did before--the Parents and Grandparents taught about people and places and skills to live by like where to plant sugar cane and what flowers and insects we could eat and which to leave alone--and how to make a fire in the ground and cook and build a canoe and paddle it and find your way in the waves back home Sometimes our school came from the little churches we had come and go around us--they were called mission schools and the teachers taught us in our own language--or something they thought was close enough--and our parents told us what we learned would be useful when older even we didnt see what use it was now--we learned about the life of Jesus and our salvation in Heaven--we learned about the numbers and math--and we learned Pigeon English so we could talk to anyone in the world!

when I was about 10 I was taller then all the boys and most girls and that made me feel like I had to hide--it was my first real taste of body shame--and because I was so skinny and that was a time when skinny girls were on all the magazines and skinny girls were the pretty ones in all the movies--and I had a thin face and light skin next to the other Native Hawaiians more like the white American faces--the fatter girls had a hard time making me their friend and older boys started to noticed me and --I say no girl can hear they are pretty and not like it even if its a boy she wants to run away from!

I was just turned 13 years old when I first got the little breast buds that gave the promise of being a woman soon--i remember the first time I ran and felt the tiny weight of them on my chest and how they moved in just the smallest way different from the rest of me--I could BOUNCE!! and I thought about showing them off with a tight shirt or even letting my buttons stay open at the top--but I knew what was said about the girls who showed their breasts off and besides that--i was still trying not to be noticed in school

Around that time all the magazines we girls read had bigger and bigger breasts in the pictures and it seemed only the chubby girls really got anywhere close to what was supposed to be a beautiful womanly chest

When I was 15 I had only small soft breasts--hardly bigger than the first time I felt a bounce 2 years before that--and they didnt even stand out like I thought small breasts should--i had the idea then that small breasted girls looked best when they  came to a point on the nipple and the point was as high up as it could go--Mine were round and my areola were wide and low--so now I had a different body shame experience--the other girls were closer to my height and now the boys my age were groing taller than me--but now I was in my own mind behind in the chest contest I thought was going on inside the head of everyone looking at me!--those stupid magazines!--who told them we are suppose to look like that?-- Women have breasts and men dont--so the bigger the breast--the more woman you are and the more female and so sexier!--and grown men too--they always felt the men have a penis and women dont--so the bigger the penis the more the man and so more male and so sexier!

This idea I did not keep in my heart--it was like how I answered my question how the magazines and movies and all the readers and watchers were fooling themself--even if they didnt think it out loud--they were being told to beleive it in a sneaky way--so any girl in the world would beleive she wasnt woman enough and any boy would think he wasnt man enough and they would all buy the magazines and the movies and whatever else was being sold to think they would have the things to make up for it!

I lived until I was about 9 among the flowers and fields and with a village was mostly family and some close familys to ours and didnt use electricity or plumbing or cars or houses-- you wanted to stay in 1 place forever--the rivers were our water and our bathtub and we washed--or swam--2 times a day ever since I could remember--sometimes we went down to the ocean and washed there--the adults always joined the children nude when swimming and so there were no secret body parts of adults or children and we knew the names of all the body parts and there were no shame for being seen naked not for fat folks or old folks or folks with scars or rashes--i was a nudist when I was a kid and never knew it!--if I thought about it I would think then we had a whole world of nudists and there never was a thing like body shame (or whatever it is called--shyness or inhibition or whatever makes folks cover up).

I remember the closeness of a family each in love with the next--when someone came or went it was every time with a hug and *Aloha*--everyone knows Aloha means *hello* and *goodbye* in Hawaiian--what they dont know is the word really means *love* and that is the word we said when we came and went and you felt the love every time the word came out and it was a warming word for your heart and you kept the word there until they came back

The Apo--the hug--that was the real *hello* when someone got close enough--the Aloha reached you first but it was only to keep the smile on your face until someone was close enough for the Apo--and when you left you felt like the Apo would never hold you happy until you came back so you gave the Aloha for as far as you could be heard to make the walking away easier

I wore nothing but flowers before I was 9 years old--girls and boys both were naked day and night and never felt like we were missing anything--we decorated ourselfs with our hair and the flowers we had around us--we knew we could make a Lei from twisting grass and tying flowers up but we had a better way where you didnt have to hear grass swishing in your hair or have all your flowers fall out the same time if you lost a Lei--my youngest memorys are lying on my Mothers lap and her petting my hair like you pet a cat and tying single flowers up with my long black hair and aranging them and petting my head some more just for the pure love you feel in every touch--the love and comfort and warmth and safety from each of those touches I still feel today--

My Father also I remember with my head in his lap when I was too big to lie down my whole body in his lap--and the hair petting love was just the same and I think when he tied flowers in my hair he and my Mother used the flowers for a secret code because my mother always wanted to look at my head after like she was reading a book and told me how lovely I looked in my Fathers flowers!

My Mother I thought was the most beautiful lady in all the world and when I could reach I would tie flowers in her hair while she worked or fed my little brother Pua-- I never saw a baby bottle when I was a kid-- my Mother would hold our baby close --usually sitting down with legs crossed baby cradled in both arms--and hold him close so he would know he was going to be fed--and bring him up so her nipple met his mouth and all in 1 move she and he were into a relaxed hug and they might move 1 time to get his mouth on straight but Little Pua was her second child and she was like a basketball player shooting the ball after years of practice and skill the way she could scoop up Little Pua and have him feeding in 1 move like that-- I learned from watching my Mother and other women with babies-- I was only 2 when Little Pua was born and it was only the most natural thing in the world for me to see how babies were fed because there was no privacy needed--there was no shyness or shame in a womans breasts--when the men were shirtless the women were too and neither felt exposed and the only difference between men and women in our minds was how the babys were fed--

In my childhood I could see the difference in the shape of womens breasts and know that every woman was different--but it was the same as noticing how mouths or shoulders were different-- the chest had no other values except the nutrition of children

I saw how the new mothers did not lift their babys in 1 move to feed them and they might take many tries to get their back and shoulders comfortable or to use their hand to help find the babys mouth and try to keep from covering the babys nose but after a while they could do the 1 move lifting and maybe another lift to settle down ready to feed and comfortable--some tried to do work with their hands and let their knees hold the baby but mostly they had time to do nothing else but look in their babys eyes and sing to them and pet their hair or check their feet and I say the sweetest singing in the world comes from a happy mother feeding her child and those songs I have in my heart and they comfort me when I go to sleep or have a bad dream or have aches and pains to feel better about-- I saved those songs in my heart for the days I would breast feed my little ones--the closeness of mother and child in those minutes of breast feeding you could feel just looking at their faces--like 2 lovers know what is in each others hearts and not saying a word to know--just sharing 1 thought between them of love and peace and happiness

From how I remember it the Mothers around me back then would lots of times try to sit all together and feed their babies and talk if more than 1 had a baby to feed-- but each 1 of them got lost in her babies eyes and fell into the love that was there and they could not talk for long together unless they all started to sing together and each was in total love with her baby and hardly noticed what happened around her--you might see a tear in a mothers eyes and hear her whisper so her husband could hear “I wish you would not grow any older and go away from me because this is the happiest minute in my life!”

For girls who want to have a baby I have this advice--your minutes of falling in love with your baby will come but only if you have the love of family around you and enough to eat and you have a husband to hear when you whisper to your baby--your happiness and babys happiness will be the best if you wait until you can share it like that with a whisper to a husband--tears and smiles not shared go away like smoke in the wind

I dont think my Mother or the others ever talked about breastfeeding at all the way they do now--it was like going to sleep at night or cooking to feed the older kids--there was only the 1 way I dont remember how long kids were breastfeeding--my world changed when i was 9 or so--but if they didnt have a new baby they nursed until they were walking and talking at least--my little brother was still nursing when he died and he was 2

                                                      Lana Kalana

Sadly, a short time after she wrote this, Lana succumbed to inherited Hutchinson's Disease, as did her mother and little brother.

Pornography -
The portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal. (Wikipedia)

The images in this website are not considered to be pornographic, as their viewing is not intended to stimulate sexual arousal. They are used here for the purpose of instructing the viewer what the human body looks like, so they will have a better understanding of their own body and that of their partner of the opposite sex.

A second purpose for the images on this website is to allow the viewer to see that their own body is not that different from the average person’s body. Most people do not have the opportunity to view other than their own body, unless they view images and films containing nude people. Most images and films containing nude people use people that are generally not average people. For sexual stimulation of the viewer of those images and films, the actors and models are chosen that are exceptional in breast size or penis size, to emphasize their sexual attraction or abilities. This may tend to cause the average real person that is not as endowed as these actors or models to feel somewhat inadequate and unattractive to others. Viewing the images on this site show the viewer that no two people look the same, and the viewer is more like the average person than they realized before.

The intent of this website is for you to learn about how your body functions, and to learn that you are very ‘normal’, and that you are truly beautiful.


Pubic Hair - The purpose for our having pubic hair has been open to several theories. One is that it is to provide some protection from dirt and debris, and another theory is that perspiration can travel out onto the hair and carry with it pheromones that will evaporate into the air and drift in the air currents to attract a partner for mating. A third and somewhat more believable reason is also to carry the perspiration out onto the hair, to increase the surface of the perspiration to allow it to evaporate, cooling as well as drying the pelvic region. All of these theories worked when we were naked in the jungles but can not be effective when we wear clothing.

The hair is more coarse than the hair on our head, and is usually the same natural color. It will usually turn grey when the hair on our head turns grey. It can be trimmed if it is long enough to stick out from under brief clothing such as a swim suit or bikini. Or it can be removed completely with a razor, depilatory crème, electrolysis treatments, 'waxing', or just pulling it out with tweezers. Women are more likely to remove it but men do too, as evidenced in the images above.  It may be removed for appearance or for comfort, or for sexual enjoyment or sexual interest. When removed, it will return, with some methods of removal more quickly than other methods.

Pubic hair usually first shows up on the Labia Majora and then the Mons Pubis on girls and at the base of the penis and then on down to the scrotum for boys. Girls may first see it around 8 to 10 years old and boys will start around 11 to 13 years old. Full adult stage of growth starts around 15 for girls and 16 for boys. Its appearance will be the first or second sign of the start of puberty.

Some racial varieties of people commonly have heavier growth, but in some cases it can be much heavier than normal, and that is referred to as Hirsutism. An example of this is seen on the right.

Breasts - (or Mammary Glands, from the Latin word "mamma" for "Breast")

For a thorough instructional aide on Breasts and Breast Health, visit my website We will do a minimal amount of information here at this time.

Males and females are both born with breasts, and they are identical until they start puberty at which time the female breast will develop further, through five stages of development. Stage five is an adult breast that is not lactating. If the female becomes pregnant, or she stimulates her breast nerves herself without being pregnant, she will start to lactate. As long as her milk is expressed regularly it will continue to be produced basically for the rest of her years, but her breasts will usually discontinue their lactation if she stops expressing her milk... or she weans her baby from her breasts. Males have been successful in stimulating their breasts to lactate but it requires months of regularly stimulating their breasts.

Male Breasts -

Male breasts are similar in construction to female breasts, and have a Nipple, an Areola that surrounds the nipple, and Montgomery's Glands in the areolar area. Inside they contain fatty tissues and some acini or milk-producing tissues, but they do not develop further unless the man's hormones change drastically or he stimulates his breasts to lactate. These items are described below under the Female Breasts area. Young males during their third day of life may produce milk that is called "Witch's Milk" because of the influence of his mother's estrogen on his body when he was en utero.

If a man gains excessive weight his breasts might enlarge some due to the fact that his breasts are a place where fat deposits accumulate, along with his belly and his hips. Eighty-five percent of males have some swelling of their breasts during puberty, and if a male uses anabolic steroids he can have breasts as large as a 36-C. I saw a gentleman like this in a cafe alongside Waikiki Beach in Hawai'i. I was walking, looking down at my footing, and when I came to a person that was barefoot I looked up and first saw swim shorts and then looking up further a bare set of 36-C's were staring me in the face. Moving my eyes on up, his moustache gave him away. I know many women that would have loved to trade their breasts for his. I did not get his story but if steroids are taken while muscle-building they can cause male breast development, a condition called Gynecomastia.

Men can develop breast cancer, even if their breasts do not develop beyond puberty. They should practice Breast Self-Exams. Five thousand American men were diagnosed with breast cancer last year and more than five hundred died because of it. I have known four men with breast cancer and three are now dead. Go to and learn how to do BSE, or we show you how later on in this website. Look on the Index page for "Do A BSE".

Female Breasts -

If you attempt to express fluid from a mature, adult female breast, you may find some fluid come from the ductal openings in the center of the nipple. This is normal, and is generally a fluid that is produced in the breast to flush the milk ducts of any material that may accumulate there. It also lubricates the internal ducts of the breast, and keeps the tissues supple. That fluid may be clear, white, brown, gray or even black, and it is still normal. If you ever see pink or red, you should check with your local breast surgeon for a consultation. It may be nothing to be concerned about, but it is not worth the risk of not checking it. If you are not lactating, you may also want to be concerned if you notice the release of these fluids without your squeezing your breast or your nipple. That would be a change to your breast and all changes need to have your attention.

The breast will sometimes produce 'witch's milk' at the third day after birth. If the breast is stimulated to induce lactation, or if it lactates due to a pregnancy, it will first produce Colostrum, which carries many of the mother's wonderful anti-bodies that her immune system has built up  over long years of her lifetime. These antibodies get a newborn baby started off right to fend off the diseases and infections it is about to face in its lifetime.

Breasts have a very poor circulatory system for lymphatic fluids, which flush them clean of any toxins that may build up, as well as defective breast cells that are manufactured by out breasts constantly. If they are not flushed clean, they can turn into breast cancer. Wearing a bra tends to defeat this circulation, so it is best to not wear a bra. See the section on "So How Come..." on this website and read about wearing a bra to school or not. It is very important.